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    Total solutions for all water movement needs across verticals.
    We are among most preferred quality brand by millions of customers,
    farmers, technicians, plumbers in agriculture, domestic,
    building-Construction, solar applications.

About Us

Welcome to Adarsh Trading Comapny

Franklin Electric has grown from a small motor manufacturing company into a leading global provider of systems and components for the movement of water and fuel. Named after America’s pioneer electrical engineer, Benjamin Franklin, we continue to follow the core of our founders’ strategy by continuously improving our products and processes to deliver valuable and innovative solutions that better serve our customers’ needs.

Franklin Electric-USA Company is a globally renowned provider of manufacturing & distribution of products and systems focused on the movement and management of water and fuel having global footprints in countries including USA, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, South-East Asia, India, China, Japan, UAE, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia. We strive to be a leading provider of quality water and fuelling systems having focus on Quality, Availability, Service, Innovation, and cost.

Our Products

Complete Variants

We have all variety of pump's.

Vertical Borewell Submersible

Reliable and Energy Efficient, World-Class Pumps.

Submersible Monoblocks

Ever growing prosperity with every drop.

Surface Monoblocks

Happiness will grow, as prosperity will flow.

Pressure Booster Range

Experience the extra flow and constant pressure.

Solar Submersible Pumps and Motor

Pump by Pluga, Powered by Sun.

Cable and Control Panel

Safety is a priority here.



Hercules Range

Hydro Pneumatic Booster

Submersible Oil Filled


Dealers Meet 2021 at Bhopal

Contact Us

Address:4/424 Adarsh Colony, Katni (MP) - 483501 Phone: +919560923055 Email: info@adarshtradingcompany.com

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 10am to 6pm Saturday: 10am to 2pm Sunday: Closed

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